Base Rail System

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A timber base rail system for a polytunnel.

Available Base Rail sets for the following polytunnel lengths:

13ft, 20ft, 27ft, 33ft, 40ft, 48ft and 52ft long

Important: When you choose a Base Rail System, please, make sure that it matches the length of your polytunnel.

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A base rail set is a “P” clip with a bolt and a nut. Base rail sets for a polytunnel are used with a Timber Base Rail to trap the polythene. This method is chosen rather than digging a trench to take the polythene.

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13ft polytunnel length, 20ft polytunnel length, 27ft polytunnel length, 33ft polytunnel length, 40ft polytunnel length, 47ft polytunnel length, 52ft polytunnel length

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