Automated Ventilating Window For Greenhouse RUBY 2.5




Automated Ventilating Window For Greenhouse RUBY 2.5

A ventilating window’s reliable structure with an automated opening device shall stand high wind loads.   A ventilating window will open and close automatically when the environmental temperature changes. When fitting an Automated Ventilating Window to a Polycarbonate Greenhouse, the window is inserted into the polycarbonate sheeting, thus it cannot be sealed. Occasional leaking will occur and condensation between the polycarbonate sheeting is normal.
  You may install a ventilating window to your greenhouse mounted at your plot any time. All detailed video instructions may be found at our web-site.   Does not require manual intervention. You simply install a ventilating window in the greenhouse and set the automated opening device.
  Simple setting of an automated opening device enables you to chose the ventilating window’s optimal opening corner without any effort.

Automated Ventilating Window For The RUBY Greenhouses: Installation Guide