Polytunnel Cover

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  • 800G/1000G Polytunnel Polythene

    We supply high quality thermal anti-drip polytunnel replacement covers. ***Sold per linear meter*** Available polythene widths
    • 8m(800G)
    • 9m(800G)
    • 11m(800G)
    • 12.5m(800G)
    • 14m(800G)
    • 14m(1000G)
    • 15m(800G)
    • 15m(1000G)
    Please note: Minimum cutting length is 10 meters. PLEASE ENSURE YOU USE THE CALCULATOR PROVIDED. POLYTHENE IS CUT TO ORDER AND MEASURED IN LINEAR METRES. ALL POLYTHENE MUST BE ORDERED ONLINE. [ig_alert alert_style="alert-warning" alert_close="no" css_suffix="pd-alert-info" disabled_el="no" ]Please be aware when choosing your polythene please do not choose the width of the polythene to cover the length of your polytunnel as it's not recommended and will affect your warranty.[/ig_alert] If you have any questions, please call us on 087 366 8692 [ezfc name='Polythene Calc' /]
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